Men's swimwear shop

Buying swimwear for men or women seems to be a difficult endeavor. It’s definitely worse for men at least when it comes to shopping in bricks and mortar men’s swimwear shops. There is never a great selection of any of the sexier styles. Lots of board shorts and surf shorts but almost ever men’s swimwear store I have walked into over the years have very few bikinis, thongs, G-strings or even the micro style spandex shorts. I have found the very best shopping is online. Here is a huge tip if you are new to shopping online and you are looking for the skimpier designs. If it is your first time ordering a new brand make sure to call in and ask for sizing.  Based on your waist size and depending upon the swimsuit your penis size the custom service representative should be able to get you the perfect size. If he or she cannot you should go somewhere where they can!

Pussy style male to female transformation designs by Koala in Los Angeles.

Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings, Micro Shorts, Pouch Only Swimsuits, Male Transformation, Male Enhancement and more!