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If you are looking for true high fashion extreme swimsuits you are not going to find them at the local sporting goods store or even at any of the major department stores. There are thousands of companies online but the fact is most of the swimsuits are low quality designs made in China. At The Men’s Swimwear Shop we feature only suits made in the USA by total spandex lovers. The men who design and create some of the most amazing designs on the planet wear them too and when you think about it when it comes to extreme bikinis, micro thongs, barely there G-strings and sexy cheek exposing shorts if you are not into wearing them how good is the end product going to be. We feature Koala Men’s swimwear and their site is an extremely large men’s swimwear shop. All the designs are created and manufacture in Los Angles and shipped worldwide. If you are seriously into swimwear and you have never visited get ready to be blown away by the most extreme spandex swimwear designs, it will become your favorite site. If you are just getting into wearing micro swimsuits including bikinis, thongs, G-strings, and micro shorts we not only have the best selection of high quality suits but we will find you one that fits so perfectly it will be like a second skin.

Men's Swimwear Shop

Extreme Designs made in the USA

The men's swimwear shop is all about finding the hottest designs, the perfect swimsuit, the amazing fit and more. If you are into sexy swimwear fashions which just so happens to be one of the most popular trends in the men's swimwear business you have arrived at the right place. If you are eager to get rid of those old surf trunks and try something that looks great or you already have a huge collection of hot bikinis, thongs and short shorts we are here to help you find the most amazing swimwear fashions you have ever laid eyes on. Micro suits that are so small they barely cover a thing, bulge enhancement suits that make your equipment look it's largest, the hottest new male transformation suits and the right cuts to make you look super hot.